Wednesday August 22, 2018


Clare W. Graves’ theory of human development has influenced our understanding of our cultural and value systems in a business context like no other. He was an US American professor of social psychology and originator of the emergent theory of human development. Until 2014, there was no book on the market that processed both: the knowledge about Graves and his extensive work – which changed with the German edition ‘Clare W. Graves: His life and his work’ by Rainer Krumm and Benedikt Parstorfer.

“Our aim was to make Graves’ research work chronologically comprehensible and to introduce him as a person to the users of his theory,” explains Rainer Krumm, who is now one of Germany’s best-known experts on values. From now on the work is also available in English. With ‘Clare W. Graves: His life and his work’ , the authors Krumm and Parstorfer can continue to pursue their goal of communicating the power and development potential of Graves’ work and thus the topic of the value system in an understandable and comprehensible manner for everyone and making it usable in further development.

“Graves’ double helix model has established itself as the basis for understanding human development – the work on it is now actively applied in psychology, education or business administration and their practical areas,” explains Benedikt Parstorfer, a psychologist. With the ‘9 Levels of Value Systems’ model based on these theories, Rainer Krumm has succeeded in making value systems measurable and tangible – indispensable nowadays if people want to understand how individuals act in systems.

Don Edward Beck – co-author of Spiral Dynamics – states about this book: “This book, an outstanding work by co-authors Rainer Krumm and Benedikt Parstorfer, is an important contribution to preserve, spread and further adapt Graves’ work.“

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