Personnel development

for Consultants

In companies, the promotion and further development of their employees is becoming increasingly important. Not only specialists and managers benefit from personnel development measures, employees without management responsibility also have increased opportunities for further development. However, not all measures are equally suitable for all employees. The range of personnel development on the market is general and is not aimed at individual employees. What exactly does the individual employee need?

With the 9 Levels of Value Systems, personnel development is given a completely different significance: Courses for training can be adapted to the needs of the individual and aligned accordingly. The analysis of the Personal Value Systems provides information on what the employee needs. The trainer can therefore also adjust completely differently to schooling and training teams. As a result, the personnel development measures are more deeply internalized, anchored in the memory and are always available.

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for clients

The development of your employees is as important to you as the development of your organisation. You know: One thing leads to another. Perhaps personnel development measures in your company have not shown the desired success in the past. You had good trainers or coaches, but the result was not what you had hoped for. The reason for this could be that there has not yet been a good match. Perhaps the topics did not fit the needs of the employees, the trainers did not fit the participants or the participants did not fit into the training.

9 Levels of Value Systems starts with the values. With the help of the Personal Value System or the Group Value System, the value systems of employees can be identified and show how personnel development can succeed, where there are dislikes and why previous measures may not have worked. With this knowledge, you can take personnel development to the next level. A certified 9 levels consultant can help you to achieve the desired results with personnel development in your company.

More about the application personnel development.