Founder Rainer Krumm

Rainer Krumm – the Expert for the 9 Levels

Rainer Krumm works as a management trainer, consultant and coach. He studied Business Education and Strategic Corporate Management. Since then he has accompanied, counseled, trained and coached international companies, top managers and teams in over 23 countries.  He is regarded as one of the most experienced international consultants and trainers in the areas of corporate culture and change management. His work evolves from prof. Clare W. Graves theory.

Founder of the 9 Levels Institute for Value Systems

2011, Rainer Krumm established the 9 Levels Institute for Value Systems GmbH & Co. KG which, meanwhile, can note down a continually growing number of 9 Levels users. Together with his team he carries out scientific studies and further developments bringing the 9 Levels of Value Systems into focus. Furthermore, Rainer Krumm certifies 9 Levels consultants and is therefore travelling worldwide.