The 9 Levels Institute for Value Systems is a consulting institute that specialises in measurement and analysis of value systems for persons, groups, organisations and systems. Scientifically well-founded and tried and tested in practice – this is our credo. Founder Rainer Krumm contributes his experience from change projects in more than 23 countries and 57 different nationalities.

Corporate cultures and team cultures are the key to sustainably successful companies. The corporate culture can be measured and, if required, changed sustainably. This is not a simple way – but it is manageable.

Many different management influences and the development theory of Prof. Dr. Clare W. Graves have been included in model development. They have always been subjected to reviews for feasibility in practice. From users for users – this is the only way in which projects and measures can be successful. Whether we like it or not, the world increasingly changes. Corporate flexibility is a central factor for the future. It must be secured with value analyses and possibly change measures.

Many tools approach unchangeable typologies or conduct orientation. According to our conviction and experience, measures successful in the long term are aligned with the values – the values of the actors and the values shared in the group.

Every company has its corporate culture. Only few are aware of it.

What do we do?

We offer numerous services relating to developing the values of people, departments, organisations and systems. Based on the 9 Levels of Value Systems, we have designed development activities: from coaching to personnel, team and organisational development, as well as leadership and sales measures.

We help you to detect your current culture of values and to align this culture with future market requirements. In doing so, we support you in accepting and overcoming new challenges sustainably – i.e., by using values as the starting point.

Darwin’s statement “survival of the fittest” is unfortunately often mistranslated. It does not simply mean that the strongest survive, but that those who can best adapt to new challenges and conditions will survive.

Managing Director

Rainer Krumm

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ginter