No one has influenced our understanding of culture and value systems as much as Clare W. Graves, US American professor of social psychology and originator of the emergent theory of human development. His relevance to the field of consulting and organizational development is indisputable. However, only few authors have dealt with Gravess original data. This book is the worldwide first summary of Gravess original studies, audiotapes, and notes, as well as a complete biography and comprehensive explanation of its scientific relevance in regard to human development. Rainer Krumm and Benedikt Parstorfers intent is to spread the knowledge and wisdom of Graves and his extensive studies and offer the interested reader a thorough understanding of his original work and various applications.





With the model of the “9 Levels of Value Systems”, trainers, coaches and consultants are given a scientifically well-founded analysis tool that is as pragmatic as it is practical in use. Individuals, teams and organisations are given an entirely new perspective on the current situation, which is presented in a measurable manner. Represented in figures, it helps to recognise and understand the relevance of other value orientations. Necessary changes are initiated and successfully put into practice.

The author has many years of practical experience in companies and management that he combined with the research of renowned persons, such as Prof. Clare W. Graves, to offer a valuable consulting and coaching tool by users for users.